After the previous business of Alex E Carr Engineering exited their area of business they had dominated for so long, one of their young employees decided to try to reinvigorate and re-invent the business that had steadily declined over the previous years…


Unfortunately after only a short period of around 18 months, in November 2018, Genesis could no longer sustain the expenditure and losses involved with trying to continue the same type of business as it had simply not moved with the times. It had made several mistakes but two of them were the ultimate head nails in the coffin.

These were firstly that Genesis had not tried to keep up with new technology and for the new types of engines, new machines were needed which never came. Machines capable of dealing with Turbos, DPF’s, Fuel Pumps, Injection etc and because many engines nowadays are more economical to simply replace, the necessity of these machines became critical.

Secondly if the machinery could not be bought and business expanded, the business had to be able to move into another area and get to the point whereby it not only repaired the engines once they had been removed and were in pieces but also removed the engines and re-installed them. This is what the public were wanting and demanding and Genesis was not able to deliver on either of these which meant the writing was on the wall and the reason it lasted only 18 months…

So in November 2018, Genesis went into liquidation and was purchased a month later by Yorkshire Engines.

Yorkshire Engines purchased the company with the intentions of bringing it kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, building on the superb foundation which Alex E Carr had built and began way back in 1918. And so the transition began …

The new owners not only kept going the original machinery and services provided under the Alex E Carr brand of engineering, They also managed to retain some of the original staff who are now over 50 who have been with the Alex E Carr company since leaving school bringing with them years and decades of experience and knowledge.


This proved invaluable, enabling the new owners to focus on the new technology whilst still maintaining a decent level of business through the classic and retro sectors and so new areas of the business under Yorkshire Engines include Petrol Injection under ASNU, the market leader throughout the world and involved in many OE projects for the likes of Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, VAG and Ford.

Also Yorkshire Engines has Diesel repair equipment for the repair of everything involved with Common Rail such as Diesel Pumps, Injectors, Rails, down to small items such as Injector Service Kits and Washers. Injector Removal has also been added to our portfolio of new services.

Next Yorkshire Engines has the market leading equipment from TurboClinic enabling us to completely re-0manufacture a Turbo, currently we are the only company in the UK with this newly updated machine with full capabilities and it also allows us to Service and Repair Truck Turbos so no matter what Turbo you have, we are able to sort it out for you.

Staying with Trucks for our next equipment too, we have both types of DPF machines allowing us to complete full cleaning cycles of DPF Filters on all vehicles from small cars to large trucks, farm and plant machinery.These machines allow us to speed up the original process as we now have built in dryers allowing what used to be a 36 hour period to complete the job properly to now be turned into a eight hour cycle. Pressure measurements can also now be taken before and after cleaning providing a printoff showing the difference.


Finally we have three new cleaning machines, two of which are designed to properly prepare and clean an engine prior to machining, we have a new blasting room for larger items that are needed to be cleaned more aggressively and we now also provide Ultrasonic cleaning with our three different cleaners, each one holding a different chemical designed to do a different job. So in total there are really seven new cleaning machines really.

One of the final pieces of the jigsaw will be some new equipment which we are currently waiting to be released for Starters, Alternators and Electronic Steering systems, the reason we are waiting for this is that we are waiting for full Hybrid capability which we are told will be ready by the September 2022 but rest assured that we will be one of the first to market in the UK to have this machinery.

Until then please consider us for any or all of the above services which until now you probably did not know that we did.


The same telephone umber has been retained from the Alex E Carr business which is 01482 562191 … Please give us a call and see how we can help you.